Nullpointer when synchronizing model. How can I debug?

Hi, I have made some changes to the model and when I now try to synchronize the modeler file I get a nullpointer. I cannot make up from the debug info what is causing the error. Is there any way I can debug that further? Caused by: null com.mendix.connectionbus.connections.jdbc.C.F.B.A( com.mendix.connectionbus.connections.jdbc.C.F.B.A( com.mendix.connectionbus.connections.jdbc.B.F.A( com.mendix.connectionbus.connections.jdbc.B.F.C( com.mendix.connectionbus.connections.jdbc.A.C.execute( com.mendix.core.action.command.D.E( com.mendix.core.action.command.D.execute(
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You can set the Console Loglevel to trace or debug, that should generate some meaningful information that might help.

That being said, this looks like a real bug, I suggest you fill in a bugreport in MXDN