Feedback on the modeler?

Hi, A general question I've encountered is: Where do I go to to give feedback on the modeler? Recently I've been playing with the sandboxing environments and I have two issues with the new deploy button: 1) Not everytime I start I want to deploy to the sandbox. However, everytime I start the modeler, the deploy is set to 'Run in Sandbox'. The same after closing and loading a project. Is there a setting to remember my last deploy-setting? Or is this a feature-request? If so, where do I go for that? 2) Once in a while the text on the butten shows like the text got strike-trough. Is this intentional? If so, what does it indicate? Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, David.
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Hi David,

You can submit feature requests in the support portal for all kinds of feedback. To answer your first question: it seems that running in the sandbox is the default and the modeler won't remember your changes. You can file your feature request in the support portal.