Whats a good login screen for me?

so whats a good way to go about this? i have a mendix app that has data imported from my sql database using db replicate and module reflection. That being said, i got my table of users with there own passwords and username. i know that mendix has its own signup and use current user functions. is there a way to have users from my table log in onto my mendix app? what would be the best way to go about this?
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Hi Raven,

You could create a microflow to create Mendix users (Account entity in your Administration module) from your user table. I don't know if it's possible to directly use the passwords from your user table, but you could try to set those passwords in your Account entity.

You could even use a scheduled event to sync the users from your user table into your mendix users on recurring times.

Edit after comment:

If you want to sync, you can easily create a microflow where you first retrieve all users from your user table. Then create a loop where you first check if there is already a administration.account entity with the same username. If not, you can create an administration.account. If already exist, you can skip that one, because it already exist in your mendix users. This way you can sync your users between your own user table and the mendix users. Should be easy. Just create and commit the administration account.