Multi-Language support for AppCloud enabled apps

I tried the following and it seems multi-language support seems not working in AppCloud enabled apps. Please let me know what was wrong. 1) Created a simple AppCloud-Enabled App project, by following instructions in How-To 5.0 App Cloud section (sub-section #1). 2) Created an Entity called Customer, and added a property of Name. Created Customer overview page and EditNew Customer page as usual. 3) Tried "Run in sandbox" and it was successful (all were in English). "Run locally" was also a success. 4) Modified project setting by adding another language and set the default language to that one, saved it. And, I tried "batch translate," provided translations, and clicked translate button. 5) When I tried "Run Locally," those translated were shown properly (translated items were shown on web page). However when I tried "Run in Sandbox," all items were shown in English, i.e. multi-language support did not seem to be working here. I would appreciate any advice on making this work. Thank you very much in advance.
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What is the language of the user you are logging is as in the sandbox? If the user language is English, that is the language that will be used, regardless of the default. Can you set your sandbox user account to the new language you added and check if that works?

Locally, your user usually doesn't have a language, which means the default is used. For the MxAdmin user, I think the default language will always be set.