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Hi All, I wanted to debug an application which is hosted in private cloud and check the variables like we do in the localhost. I know this is possible in public cloud where I can debug all the environments (test,accp and prod) but can I debug in private cloud? I think it is possible but not sure about this. Please can anyone help me out, how to debug private cloud in Mendix so that I can check variables by debugging a microflow. Thanks in Advance.
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I started to go into deeper and found the solution for this. If you are using private cloud and you are using Linux on your premise, then you can enable debugger by following the steps below; connect to your private cloud application (using Putty or any other tool you use) >> m2ee >> enable_debugger

This will give you option to set password which you can use in your business modeler to connect the private cloud debugger.

If you want to disable the debugger then you can use disable_debugger command.

For more commands and help you can use help and for advance options you can use help expert

Note: All commands are case sensitive. You also need to raise a support ticket to enable debugger request location on the web server.


Are you using Linux or Windows on premise? In the Windows service console you can enable the debugger which will give (or allow you to set?) a password that you can use to connect to the server from the Modeler.

On Linux I'm not sure what kind of tooling is available but it's still possible to enable the debugger. You can send a JSON admin command (so to the administration port) called "enable_debugger" and it should contain a field called "password" which is the password of your choosing for connecting the debugger. To disable the debugger, send "disable_debugger" as an admin command.

If you type "m2ee help expert" you should also see these commands.

Edit: you can also check here