Convert UK Date/Time To User Time zone

Good Afternoon, Has anyone tried to convert a specific time zone (in my case UK) to a time zone that is set by the user in a Mendix application? We are developing a course booking system, all courses are booked in a UK time zone but we would like to display that UK date/time in the current logged on users set time zone (for instance US). Please let me know if this is possible or if anyone has experience of doing this. Regards, Matt Smith
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Mendix automatically displays all datetimes that are set to localized in the current browser time zone. If you enter a date in the UK, and view it in the US, it will automatically be displayed as the corresponding US local time.

Is this not working for you or do you want to create some other specific behaviour?


Convert everything to UTC. Then it is easier to compare everything. A must read is this article