Strange behavior onchange event in Mendix 5

We experience some strange behavior with the onchange event en would like to know if anyone else has the same experience! Sometime (not always) the changed value of the attribute the change event is defined on is not parsed to the microflow. The strange thing is that when we start the MF with creation of a variable which stored the changed value the right value is stored. So the microflow initially gets the right (changed) value. Stepping to the next action the changed value of the object.attribute is lost (????). Also when changing a value of an attribute which calculates the value of an other attribuut (currency) and this calculated attribute is next in tabsequence, tabbing out of this field always triggers an onchange event even if the calculated value is not changed manually. Problem with the above issues is that they are very hard/almost impossible to reproduce in a testproject. So I would like to know if someone experiences the same kind of problems with onchange events in Mx5.
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