application.conf settings for Development and Test modes

I need to change some of the settings that in UAT and Production are set in application.conf. Only certain settings seem to be available in the Settings dialogs in the modeller. Is there some way in which I can provide the development and test modes with an application.conf file or values for some of its settings?
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Which settings do you mean specifically? You should be able to set everything in application.conf (setting DTAPMode to "DEVELOPMENT" or "TESTING" also works btw)

See an example containing all possible settings here

From the settings file:

# Sets the minimum number of objects allowed in the pool before the evictor
# thread (if active) spawns new objects. Note that no objects are created
# when numActive + numIdle >= maxActive.  This setting has no effect if
# the idle object evictor is disabled (i.e. if timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis <= 0).
# Defaults to 0
#ConnectionPoolingMinIdle = 0
# Sets the cap on the number of "idle" instances in the pool.
# Defaults to 20
#ConnectionPoolingMaxIdle = 20
# Sets the cap on the total number of active instances from the pool.
# Defaults to 50
#ConnectionPoolingMaxActive = 50

# When the maximum number of "active" objects has been reached, the
# pool is said to be 'exhausted'. The "when exhausted" action used
# by the Connection Bus is WHEN_EXHAUSTED_BLOCK

To answer your other question, you can use both. The modeler settings will be read first, then overwritten by the application.conf values.