What happens if I create an object in a microflow but do not explicitly commit it?

I have a microflow which creates 3 different objects and then opens a form to edit just one of the objects. When the form is closed I want either to commit all 3 objects (if 'Save' is selected) or rollback all 3 objects (if Close has been selected). I understand that the object I have edited in the form will automatically be committed or rolled back, but what will Mendix do with the two objects that have been created but not explicitly committed? WIll the same happen, or will they both be rolled back regardless of which action button is pressed? Thanks.
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As I read it, you open a new data view with only one object. With the standard save/cancel buttons, this will only save that specific object. If you want to commit the others you will have to nest these into the first dataview, or retrieve them, change them and commit them in the custom save button for the form.