Error Factor < 0; was: -1 during document generation

Has anybody experienced this error before? I'm trying to create a document (thoroughly tested, running in production ans used thousends of times), but with this particular one, I get the error "factor < 0; was: -1" (See stacktrace). In the past, I've had an issue with reports where a double space " " was not accepted and generated an error. Is this the same sort of error? Not much to go on, but maybe anybody has some ideas how to solve this. Thanks in Advance! Stacktrace: le: factor < 0; was: -1 at Module.GenerateReport ( : 'Generate PDF (.pdf) document using template 'NewReport'') at Module.FinalizeObjectFromGrid (SubMicroflow : 'Call 'GenerateReport'') Advanced stacktrace: at mv.a(SourceFile:185) Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: factor < 0; was: -1 at org.apache.fop.traits.MinOptMax.mult( at org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.inline.TextLayoutManager.processWord(
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This looks very similar to, a bug that now seems to have been fixed in the latest Apache FOP library (which is the library we're using for this export).

We'd have to test if this is really the same issue and if it is indeed solved if we start using the latest library, so it would be great if you could file a test project for this. However, the bug mentions that the problem is a soft hyphen character in the text (, can you verify this and see if the problem still occurs if you remove it?