How to activate the license on Mendix 5.6.2

Dear forum, Can you please provide the instruction how to activate the license on Mendix version 5.x? We couldn't find the menu as shown in older versions of Mendix. According to the note of this reference found on Mendix website, Note If you cannot find your License Information menu, locate the License information folder in the modeler, under the system module. Create a navigation item for the System.ShowActivateLicenseForm micoflow and redeploy the application. But their is no LicenseInformation and UserLimitation in version 5.6.2 any more Please advise, we need to activate our license asap. Regards, Panayu Note:
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You can activate your license using an Admin action on the runtime server, for example by using the Windows Service Console which has this function built in. The howto section is very outdated unfortunately. If you have more specific questions then please add some details about your installation.