Validation rules and Inheritance

I have created a MetaObject and assigned a validation rule to one of the attributes, however I have noticed the validation rule is not passed down to object's derving from it. It is also not possible to set a validation rule on an inherited attribute in the sub class/meta-object. Is this correct behaviour? should the validation rule not be inherited? * UPDATE * After recieving Johan's response I tried to replicate the bug in another situation, this time the validation rule was picked up. In my original example I was passing the object onto a microflow rather than using the control bar to save. Since I never commit the object in the microflow (infact I ensure it dosn't exist by executing a 'delete object' action at the end) the validation rule is not checked. Is there a way to validate these 'transient' objects without having to manually check fields in a microflow?
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Normally this just should work as expected.

So, this smells like a bug... can you file an incident in the Partner Portal (including a reproduction)?

UPDATE: as you explained it's not a bug... phfiew... you scared me ;)


I such cases (where the object events are sometimes necessary and sometimes not) I would avoid object events.

We tend to use 'validation microflows' (that return a boolean so we can check whether the commit should be stopped or not) and decide per ocasion whether it is necessary to execute the validation or not