Treeview widget not configurable (2)

Included the Treeview widget on a form. Have to configure 3) rendering. However it is outside my window and no verticle scrollbars are available. How to configure rendering (and probably more below)? Answer I got was to take a look at the demo project. I of course did it before. Demo-project does the same. Also, running the demo project does NOT show anything except for a 'Could not create widget TreeView.widget.GridView: TypeError: Deze actie wordt niet ondersteund door dit object'.
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From your text, it sounds like you did in fact read the documentation, but are having some graphical issues with the configuration screen, is that correct? I would initially suggest looking at your windows DPI settings. Try setting that to 100%. If you already have that, or the problem still occurs, Please file a support ticket including a screenshot of the issue and a test project.

With regards to the demo project, I don't think it's currently compatible with Mendix 5. It's not marked as such, and the actual widget has been separated from the grid view into a mendix 5 compatible version (treeview).