Opening a Word document on clients computer.

Basically i am trying to create a application that opens up a word file that is linked to a mail merge. Currently i have set it all up on my own computer and open up the word document using the following command in a java action: Runtime.getRuntime().exec("rundll32 SHELL32.DLL,ShellExec_RunDLL \""+AnnualReportDocument+"\""); The Annual Report is the location of where the report is located on my hard drive. However i think this will not work when i am on a web server as it will try and open it on the server. How do i open up a document on the clients computer? I know the excel document export opens up on the clients computer so how does that work? Thanks Simon
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There's no real way in which you can explicitly run apps on the client's computer (that would obviously create a huge amount of security holes, as you can imagine ;))

So, the only thing you can really do is offer a download link to a filedocument that the client can click on. I believe the 2.5 runtime will also be able to explicitly trigger downloads, so that users don't have to click on the button.


In addition to the previous answer, the upcoming appstore will contain a widget to display documents directly in the client. For documents that can not be shown by the browser, a download will be triggered automatically.