Yellow circle and green plus icons in Project Explorer?

Hello Mendix Community: When I look at Project Explorer in Business Modeler 5.7.0, most of the Microflow, Page, and Rule icons are preceded by a small, grayish circle. Some of them, however, are preceded by either a solid yellow circle or a green circle with a white plus in it. Here is a small screen capture showing yellow dots in front of a Microflow named ReservationValidation, a Page named Lab_Operations, and a Rule named ReservationOverlap. Plus there is a green plus in front of the Rule named TrainingReservationOverlap. What are those yellow and green icons trying to tell me? I was unable to find an explanation for these icons in Business Modeler Help or other resources. Please let me know if I simply overlooked an obvious help resource. Thanks for your consideration, John
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These are indicators of changes you made to your model. A yellow circle means you changed the object, so it is different from what is committed to the team server. The green circle with a plus means you added/created this object and this is not committed to the team server yet. There is a third icon, a blue/gray arrow, indicating that you moved the object and this has not been committed to the team server yet.