Validation feedback on a page with tabs

We have a page with 7 tabs. On the third tab is a reference selector for which a value is required. The check is done in a microflow because it is part of some other business logic. When I open the page and click the save button, the validation feedback for the reference selector appears as a popup. When I first visit the other tab, the validation feedback is shown under the reference selector, as expected. Also, the tab gets a little red digit indicating the error. I tried reproducing this in a small test project. In that situation feedback is always shown in line, with the visual indication on the tabs. It seems that the more complex real life project page loads its tabs only when they are visited, where the small test page loads everything. Of course, I want the validation feedback to appear next to the reference selector, not as a popup, also when the user did not yet visit the tab. How do I control this?
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I came across this problem today and figured out the issue. If there is no editable widget in the tab, the DOM for that tab is not rendered until you've actually visited it.

My solution was to add an editable widget within a container with visibility always set on false. This way the DOM is rendered immediatly and you don't have unnecessary widgets shown on your page.