email SSL or TLS?

Hi, we've added the email module to a project on version 3.3.6 and there's a doubt on exactly what are we supposed to use for the SSL/TLS setting. For this version, those options (tick boxes on SSL or TLS) no longer exist (like in the old advEmail), (found it in the java now). When we tried locally gmail settings as server on ports 465 or 993 we kept getting errors (e.g. Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 993, response: -1). I've noticed that the java action has now the hardcoded setting setUseSSLSMTP to false so one assumes it will use TLS. If we use the TLS port advised by gmail settings (port 587), we get the following message: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. lv7sm523270wic.16 - gsmtp. I'm not sure why we would need to issue a STARTTLS command since we are using TLS (based on the hard coded useSSL set to false). I tested changing the hardcoded value to true (to use SSL instead of TLS) and set port to 465, and look and behold, email arrived in desired email inbox. Now, I recall reading somewhere in the forum that Mendix doesn't use SSL, so we should always set to TLS, which based on the hardcoded value of setSSLSMTP = false, backs that statement, but then why doesn't it work with the initial settings using TLS? Are we supposed to use SSL or TLS? Locally it is now working with SSL=true on port 465, but will this work on the cloud?! Could someone clarify this please? Settings used so far (all locally): server -> never recognised server: -> Ok User and psw all good and verified that email is real and working SSL (hardcoded in java to false) ports: 465 and 993 -> cannot connect port: 587 -> needs starttls call SSL (hardcoded value changed to true) port: 465 -> Ok, email received! <updated> Any one has an answered for the above question? Migrating from v336 to v5+ is out of the question now, and the answer provided doesn't really address my question about SSL/TLS. LR.
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Which module are you using exactly, if you are using mendix 3.3.6? The module form the app store called "Email module" has had its last update in may 2010, for Mendix 2.5. The module to use is now "E-mail module with templates", which has actually been updated to the latest Mendix versions. Though even that module has had SSL/TLS support only for Mendix 4.3.2 and up.

My advice would be to update to a much more recent Mendix version. Preferably the latest 5, but the latest 4 is a reasonable option in this case. This will allow you to use much better and more updated modules.