Persistent Sessions causing weird behavior

When I enable PersistentSessions, and I try to log in, I have to hit the login button several times over before getting a response. I have some Fiddler ouput here. This is one of the time statistics for the 6 times I had to hit login before it actually went through. == TIMING INFO ============ ClientConnected: 13:08:09.377 ClientBeginRequest: 13:08:09.377 GotRequestHeaders: 13:08:09.377 ClientDoneRequest: 13:08:09.377 Determine Gateway: 0ms DNS Lookup: 0ms TCP/IP Connect: 1000ms HTTPS Handshake: 0ms ServerConnected: 13:08:10.379 FiddlerBeginRequest: 13:08:10.379 ServerGotRequest: 13:08:10.379 ServerBeginResponse: 00:00:00.000 GotResponseHeaders: 00:00:00.000 ServerDoneResponse: 00:00:00.000 ClientBeginResponse: 00:00:00.000 ClientDoneResponse: 00:00:00.000 As you can see, it never gets a response from the server, even though in my console it says that the login is OK.
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I saw version mentioned something about session mgmt, so I upgraded. Did the trick.