database replication oracle database too many tables and columns

We are using the database replication module and intend to connect to an oracle database. Connection is working and table sync (first step) is working, however the database contains lots of (system) tables and views (and columns) that we are not interested in (25000 tables, over 350000 columns etc...). Is it possible to restrict the Sync all Table information process to a specific set of tables/views/columns? The overhead is enormous this way? If not, it might be a nice extension to add it. (Note: we are now testing whether we can replace the alltables by usertables in the javacode, however this is not our preferred solution EDIT: it does work though).
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Brian, that is a feature we are working on in the Mendix 5 version of the module. There are several tests we need to finish before releasing that version.

The new feature will allow you to specify a filter on table names (or a partial name), that way you will no longer have to import thousands of tables, instead you can just import a single schema or a hand full of tables.