Challenge with a recursive patern

I ran into a problem and want to double check whether I'm missing something here. The case is pretty simple: I have a domain with a self reference so that I can add an unlimited amount of subdomains to any domains. I created a dataview of domain with a datagrid in it that also contains domains (subdomains). The problem is that I haven't been able to create a subdomain with either a default or custom button that is located on the nested datagrid (like you would normaly do for e.g. an order with orderlines). The default buttons didn't work so I tried an action trigger but I'm not allowed to pass the enclosing context. A retrieve over association also results in a 'NULL', does anyone know a way of tweaking the context properties to get this to work? (now I have the 'create new subdomain' button outside the grid, in the rootdataview which works fine but looks horrible....)
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Not really an answer to your question, but i can imagine it is possible to achieve this behavior in the 2.5 release, due to improved context abstractions. It is a nice test case! (anyone?)