LDAP Synchronization module: No encrypted password found in Ldap

We try to make a connection with an LDAP server using the LDAP Synchronization module. We get the following error: 'No encrypted password found in Ldap server configuration'. However we want to make anonymous access (anonymous acces is enabled at the LDAP server). Is it possible to make a connection without an user/password?
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In order to use LDAP, you need to have 2 usernames and password.

Ldap uses credentials for the System-to-System authentication, and the credentials from the user that logs in.

The information from the user that logins in will be send in plain text to the AD, so we do not care about that at this point.
The other credentials are for the System-to-System communication, not just any system is allowed to send random usernames and password to your AD. The application first needs to login successfully before trying to authenticate the user, and get it's information.
The password is encrypted before it is stored, and decrypted just before it is used. The error you are getting is the message that there is no encrypted password found.

This password should be configured in the first tab page of your Ldap configuration, you have to configure a username and password. The information you have in the password right now isn't valid.