URGENT: Error on database syschronisation

Dear Forum, Our team is now migrating the UAT environment into the PRODUCTION environment. And we confront some error during the start Mendix platform. These are steps we did: Create a new database on the production env. - success Restore the database - success Start Mendix App and it try to do the synchronisation on the database and show this error: ERROR: Executing start did not succeed: result: 1, message: Starting Mendix Runtime failed., caused by: com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: Exception occurred in action '{"amount":-1,"sort":{},"offset":-1,"type":"RetrieveXPathAction","depth":0,"xpath":"//System.Language"}', all database changes executed by this action were rolled back So we try another way by creating and start app without restore a DB and it went very smooth. We have been deployed Mendix system more than hundreds of time in version 2.x-4.x but never see this kind of error before. We are running on CentOS and using Mendix 5.6.2 and PostgresDB version 9.2. Any advise will be much appreciated. Regards, Panayu
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Did your initial database sync run without any errors? Because if you would have received an error during the first sync, you will have to validate manually that your db is actually consistent.

To see where the app actually stops, you could try and look at the trace/debug messages. If you change the default log level to TRACE you should be able to get more info on why the app stops and on what kind of action.