Google Maps Module settings

I have to display google maps based on the postcode value in my application. I have downloaded the Google Maps module from the app store and used the add-on in the web form. Have configured the listen to grid functionality too but i end up getting the default (Ridley AgriProducts) when i run my application. Can you please help me with the settings that i will have to make in the application domain model or any other configuration changes needs to be made for Google Maps to work. Thanks in advance.
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There are two steps then for right implementation:

  • Geocode the zipcode attribute of your entity, using the Microflow or Java-action, contained in the Google Maps module;

The easiest way to do this is to use the Location entity of the Google Maps module. You have to create a Location object, with as address attribute your zipcode

  • Display you zipcode via a marker in Google Maps;

For the right marker to appear, you need to give the Google Maps widget a XPath constraint to the entity you are clicking on in your datagrid. In my application I have an AddressData entity which holds all the address information and is the source of my datagrid. My XPath constraint is:

[GoogleMaps.Location_AddressData/Register.AddressData/id = '[%CurrentObject%]']

Off course, this association 'Location_AddressData' needs to exist in your domain model.

Hope this helps!