Serialized reserved Mendix field in REST POST request

When posting a REST request (POST), using the REST module, i need to post to a field which is the same as the reserved mendix field. Does the serialization also convert a field with an underscore? I need to post to an 'id' field. Cannot create it in Mendix, but '_id' is not translated to 'id' in the serialization? In the deserialization it seems to work ok. Any solution/workaround for this?
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Hi Rogier,

I don't think this is possible currently. Feel free to file an issue at

I'm not sure what a nice solution would be, because this problem is more generic, json keys can contain arbitrarily string data, but probably adding support for serializing RestServices. Primitive objects can solve the major of these issues. (You could then instantiate a Primitive object, and the serializer should use the name of the primitive instead of the reference). Would that be a solution?