Bootstrap RTE does not save data.

After upgrading to the latest version of the Bootstrap RTE, it seems that the entered data is not passed to the related attribute and all the text fields are left empty. Using Bootstrap RTE version 2.1 and Mendix version 5.8.1 Anyone experienced the same behaviour an has a work around for it?
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Hi Pieter,

I've looked into the issue and I have a proposed fix. Could you test this in your application and see if this fixes the problem?

The new .mpk can be found here:


Hi Robert,

The new version works. Data is passed to the attribute and saved in the database. However.... I still get some errors when I want to create a PDF, using the generated (X)html code. It looks like the breaks < b r > are not correct (should be: < b r / >) and you can't use the ident function when you want it more then one level. the XHTML code. The PDF generator will crash when you use this code.