Error Applying Breakpoint

While debugging a microflow I noticed a retrieve event was being skipped. I added a break point to the event, but it still didn't trigger. There is a list action after the retrieve, which still executed with the data from the retrieve, so I guess this has something to do with optimization? The strange thing is every time I restarted the project I got the bellow warning: Error applying breakpoint: Microflow object with object id '2296da98-4608-44ed-b722-2e1a3ae14b48' not found in microflow 'ServiceManagementReport.Sub_CreateInformationTable' Removing and replacing the event solved the issue, but just wondering if someone can explain to me what happened?
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If you do a retrieve and then just use the retrieve to count the number of objects in the list, the microflow gets optimized and the retrieve action gets replaced by a special retrieve count action so the query to the database is simpler.

That said, the debugger should still break on that block, even though it's not exactly the same action. There is code that explicitly moves the breakpoint to the new block so I'm not sure why it's not working. Could you file a ticket with the project this is happening in?