Is it possible to keep a popup form open on Save?

The default 'Save' button on a dataview saves the record & if the form has been opened as a popup, also closes the form. Is there any way to keep the form open for a new record to be added? I can do it using a custom Save button, but this means creating a custom save button for every form, and also a custom Cancel button as I would have to make the control bar invisible. If I open the form as a 'content' form then it's possible to keep the form open, but the record that has just been saved does not get cleared from the form.
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In 2.5 there is now a new option to select per form if the standard save/cancel buttons should close the form. This way you can add a specific Close button (a standard button in 2.5) to close after saving your object.

Edit: Correction, this only lets you edit the object you initially opened the form with.


A "new" button on a datagrid has the property "batch creation". Try setting this property to true and see if that's the behaviour you're looking for.


The best option would probably be to go with your idea of the custom save/cancel buttons. In the custom Save microflow, just close the form, then create a new object and re-open the form.

If the object you're creating is relatively simple, you could add the objects in the Datagrid itself. Set the 'Edit location' property of your New button to InlineAtBottom and set the Datagrid column property 'Editable' to true for the fields you want to add.