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Good morning all, I would like to force login whenever a deeplink is clicked, is this possible? At the moment if I turn off anonymous access the deep link does not prompt a user login and hits a blank page. If a user logs in first, then clicks the link it shows the correct page. Is there a setting that can configure this? Regards, Matt Smith
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In the deeplink modue you should only provide the default index page (index3.html) and the deeplink url (the url of the application). Leave the login location blank and the users should get redirected to the default login page if they are not logged in.


I have the following configuration but still get a blank page if the user is not logged in:

Default homepage: DeepLink.DeeplinkHome Project > Settings > After StartUp = DeepLink.StartDeeplink (not sure this is actually starting) Index Page: index.html Login Location: Blank

Does anyone know if this configuration is correct?


Matt Smith


Please file a support ticket with a testproject reproducing the situation, so we can have a look at it.