Calendar Widget - Different Behavior in Modeler and App Platform

I have a page with a Calendar Widget that displays tasks for employees. On the page, there is also a Template Grid that shows a list of employees. In the Template Grid, users can click on an employee to toggle the display of their tasks in the calendar widget. This works fine when I am running locally in the modeler. When I deploy to the cloud portal, the toggle feature does not work at all. Every employee's tasks are displayed on the calendar widget, no matter what is toggled on and off. The way I accomplish this is as follows: An entity called CalendarView and another entity called CalendarViewEmployee CalendarViewEmployee is populated with all employees in the company when the CalendarView is created The page I am working on contains a DataView that points to CalendarView entity inside of the dataview is a Calendar widget the looks at entity Tasks and has an XPath constraint that references CalendarView Also inside of the DataView is a TemplateGrid pointing to CalendarViewEmployee This TemplateGrid contains a Snippet which has EmployeeName and a Boolean that is supposed to toggle display on and off When the Boolean is clicked, a microflow is called that Commits the boolean change, retrieves one of the tasks that should display on the calendar widget and commits that task, in order to cause the CalendarWidget to refresh I feel like I am missing something obvious - any ideas what the difference could be between local app execution and the cloud that might cause this? I have checked emulate cloud security and that is on. I don't get any error messages in the logs, I have run debug on the Cloud app and the microflow executes fine...not sure what else to check. Thanks for any help you can provide. --------------------Edit Follows---------------------------- Ok, after further troubleshooting, I see an error in the browser console that says Error {src: "dojoLoader", info: Object, stack: (...), message: "multipleDefine"} I found a couple of other postings in the forum referencing this same error, but as I am not a Javascript developer, I am hoping that some forum members can give me pointers. The first several lines of code in the calendar.js file in the Calendar widget are: mxui.dom.addCss(dojo.moduleUrl("calendar.lib", "fullcalendar.css")); dojo.require("calendar.lib.jquery-min"); dojo.require("calendar.lib.jquery-ui-min"); dojo.require("calendar.lib.fullcalendar-min"); (function($) { dojo.declare("calendar.widget.calendar", mxui.widget._WidgetBase, {........etc. etc. If I understand the other forum postings correctly, I need to change the require statements above. Can someone give me an idea how those lines should look in order to eliminate this error? --------------------------------------------- END OF EDIT ----------------------------------------------
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