From rich text input to PDF with overlays

There have been several topics about generating PDF documents with rich text input from the end user: PDF export expects XHTML where the Bootstrap Rich Text widget creates HTML. Overlay the generated document, for example with company stationary. I have just submitted a git pull request on CommunityCommons. It allows for rich text input using the Bootstrap Rich Text widget and export the user input in a PDF without 'fixing' the content. The existing function XSSSanitize is used to process the user input: Remove any unwanted HTML from the input. (Users can paste anything in the input widget!) Transform HTML into XHTML. I will submit a sample project to the appstore which demonstrates this. (Testcases are also available in the Mendix project that is in the CommunityCommons git repository.) Additionally: Translated the texts in CommunityCommons into Dutch to get rid of warning messages on missing texts with each update. Added Java action GetDefaultLanguage, nice for I18N.
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The latest version of CommunityCommons contains the enhancements.

The demo project has been approved too. Just search for PDF and choose 'From rich text to PDF sample'.

Please download CommunityCommons from the appstore.

Do not use the version contained in the sample project for your own projects as this is not an official tagged release of CommunityCommons.