Association between reference selectors

Situation: I've got two objects (list1 and list2). These objects are associated with a 0...N relation. I fill the values in these objects manually in the application (using datagrids and dataviews). When I create a new 'list1'-object in a dataview, I use a reference set selector to add values from list2 to this object. Question: I create a new form in which I put two reference selectors. The 'list1'-object is connected to the first selector and the 'list2'-object is connected to the second selector. When I choose one of the values from the first selector (that is connected to 'list1'-object), I want the second selector to only display the associated values from the 'list2'-object. How do I do this? Is there a XPath constraint I can use on the second selector? I tried: [Example.List1_List2='[%CurrentObject%]'] (does not work for me).
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I am assuming you have some kind of object model which has a 'list container' with relations to the 2 lists (since you have a form where you can select these 2 objects)

Going by that scenario, try this:

On the reference selector for the list2 object, open the property 'Constrained by' (under Behavior - advanced) This should show you only 1 path which you can enable to constrain this reference selector by the object selected in the list1 reference selector.