Strange refresh bug

We have an employee with a contract. When a personal record is changed the manager selects the employee. We do an onchange action that checks how many contracts the employee has and when it is only one we also set the reference of the contract and the personal record. Now the problem. When we change the employee sometimes the contract is not refreshed but stays empty. The manager then still needs to select the contract allthough he can only select one. When I set a breakpoint on this microflow the form is always filled correctly. But when I remove the breakpoint the bug appears again and then evey other time I select an employee the contract will be empty. Anybody else found such a timing / refresh issue? Regards, Ronald
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I suggest, review the access role permissions of your entities in the domain model. If that doesn't help, try to add half-second delay (community commons) after your DB actions. Commits aren't synchronously executed. So, since your bug goes away with breakpoint, I think the issue could be there.