Flat files import module

When using the FFI module, in case one of the columns has invalid type of data (for example: column with data on dates is not in correct format or it is empty), the whole import is giving error, thus none of the columns is imported. This is a bit tricky for projects that are highly dependent on daily imports, for example, as if something small goes wrong then the daily import goes wrong. Is there a simple way to change this, and still import all other valid columns/data? Also, is there a latest version of the module than the one compatible with 4.3.2 version of the modeler?
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Benjamin is right. You can upgrade the module from a 4 version to a newer mendix version. I'll try to upload a new version in the next weeks. A work around for files with dates that are not valid could be to import the data in a string attribute and then try the conversion to a date attribute with a microflow.