Implement Busy Button on Form for a onclick/onchange event.

I have a form that has an onclick event and onchange event. If the user clicks multiple times, the system can not always keep up with the clicks (especially from the cloud environment.) The click toggles the status of the widget on the form. I am thinking of implementing the dojo BusyButton ( to prevent multiple clicks until the original click has finished processing. (or disabling the button for 1 second). Could you tell me if this is even a viable solution? Is there a Mendix solution already? If I can use this solution, could you point me in a direction to start using this? Thanks, Steve
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You could also configure your microflow button to show a blocking progress indicator. This should prevent the user from clicking the button when the application is still processing the previous action.

Implementing the BusyButton should not be that hard, it does require some JavaScript.

Some links:

Please note that custom widgets cannot be placed inside the control bar of a data grid or data view.