Inside a RULE in 4.5.0

Hi Gurus, Can we not have a CHANGE OBJECT inside a rule?
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From the Rule documentation:


A rule is a special kind of microflow. Its result should be an enumeration or a boolean and it can be used in an exclusive split to make a decision based on that result. The idea is that complicated decisions can be consolidated in rules and reused in various places. Rules are very similar to microflows; see the documentation about Microflows for more information on how to build a rule. There are only a few differences between rules and microflows:

  • A rule can only be used in an exclusive split.
  • The return type has to be boolean or enumeration.
  • A rule has a different background in the Modeler so that you can quickly spot whether you are working on a rule.
  • A rule cannot change data in the database; the actions to create, delete, change and rollback objects are not available in rules.
  • A rule cannot perform interaction with the client; the actions to show or close forms, to show messages, send validation feedback and the download files are not available in rules.
  • A rule cannot call web services, generate documents or import XML.

Maybe you could try calling another microflow from your rule with the called microflow performing database changes - let me know if that works.