Calling a widget with a click and passing a microflow an object

I have been trying to get these to features to work, but have become very frustrated. I would appreciate if you could tell me how I can learn to: Call a widget from a select event. We are using a calendar widget and when the date is pressed, we need to call a widget so that we can control the flow to the microflow. Right now, the user can press the same date multiple times and it causes data inconsistencies. From that widget, I would like to create an object (probably containing a single string) that can be passed to a microflow being called by the widget. This has been a frustrating process for me to call a microflow from the widget and pass an object. The tutorials do not seem to contain complete code and I have been frustrated trying to follow those all the way through. Please recommend how I can get training to accomplish both of these things. Thanks, Steve
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This needs changes in the widget. FullCalendar has a 'select' function that is called when a new event is created.

In that function you can create a new event an fill the start and end time and pass it to a microflow.