X-path constraint

I want to retrieve date from a particular attribute,but want to exclude time-stamp in the date what xpath-constraint should I have to write to achieve this, as in db date are stored with time stamp.
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You should create two variables with the dates you want to search between. Then you can use these variables in your xpath like: [Entity/Date > $Datevariable1 and Entity/Date < $Datevariable2]




I think you are posting the wrong question and thereby invoking answers that dont ffit your real need.

I suggest you consult the ample documentation on the following subjects

Date/Datetime formats Date/Datatime functions Creating MF, in particular the bit on the use of variables Retrieving Data Presenting Date/Datetime/time in datagrids and/or dataviews Using Xpath to restrict the retrieval of data(objects

Interpreting your question my way (as Ronald did before for his understanding of what you asked)

You want to SHOW a datetime field in a ?? grid/view ?? without the timepart, which has notting to do with the RETRIEVING of the object and atribute. Using an Xpath will allow you to limit the OBJECTS retrieved, not the atributes