HelpText widgethas a bug

Hello, I don't know where else to report this: the HelpText widget has a bug. In the function "suspended" (which should be suspend() according to the API-documentation, but I think the documentation is wrong and the implementation is right ;-) ) this code: this.disconnect(this.windowEvt); As this.windowEvt is empty when you don't use the HelpText this will throw an error, which kept my page in a "forever loading" state. . . I guess the real question is: is this the right place to report this? With kind regards, Raoel Oomen
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You can file a ticket in the support portal (

Our intention is to publish all widgets created by Mendix on GitHub. When available it is possible to send a pull request to the repository or post an issue on the repository. Unfortunately a repository for this widget isn't available yet, on GitHub.