Can the deeplink module be used with relative paths?

E.g. I want users to maintain a wiki-like catalog with articles that refer to eachother. So end-users will embed those links in the wikipage-text through the Rich Text Editor. Or another application: have end-users add links to an object of type X, refering to a wiki page. As far as I understand from the deeplink documentation, you allways have to specify the absolute path instead of the relative path: /link/wiki/wikipage. Or this there a solution to this?
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Yes and no I fount out. I am embedding the deeplinks in the Rich Text Editor (RTE), but it handles them awkardly when entering, so I was totally confused. In the end it only works if the link in the RTE is relative: . However, in order to get this link in RTE, you have to specify the complete url in the linkbutton-popupwindow: e.g. http://localhost:8080/link/wiki/brpp