Excel Importer Module

These are the two issues which I am facing regarding Excel Importer Module:- 1.While mapping, if Domain Model's attribute data type is Enumeration and on excel sheet some values (String) are there, it is storing "null" . 2.While mapping, if on one side of the excel sheet, numbers are there and on other side data type of Data Model(Domain Model) is string, then it prefixes (.00)
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  • if you are trying to store enumeration values from the Excel sheet, all Excel values must match an enumeration value. If there is a value in Excel that doesn't match an enumeration value, null will be stored on import. The value should match the id or Name of the enumeration value, not the caption.

  • in the ParseWith field for the string column, select FormatInteger - this is a microflow in the ExcelImporter module that will remove the .00 you are seeing.

Hope that helps.