Video on Mendix

I have managed to upload and show videos on mendix via mxadmin and it worked perfectly on my localhost. However, when I moved the package to private cloud TEST environment, the video does not work but instead gives the "Browser does not support the video" error. A few notes: - The code i used, I managed to make it generate within the portal. It is a bit long due to the fact that I have to cater for both HTML5 users and IE8 users. And lastly, on the private cloud TEST environment, only the IE8 works. Does anyone have any thought about this? EDIT: - I am not embedding a video onto the page via iframe. This is more of an upload/generate link function that then allows me to be able to place that link wherever i want on the designated page. An example of the link;
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Hi Ibukun,

Is the video embedded as an iframe on your portal from youtube or from some other source? If yes then this is because of companies network restrictions on youtube or other sites which are banned on company network. If you access that test url from wifi or any other network this will work perfect as it worked on your localhost.