Mx 5.10 Mobile Apps in Sandbox?

I am excited about the new mobile app dev capabilities included in the latest release - kudos to the entire Mendix team! Before I start experimenting, I am wondering if a sandbox app will be able to take advantage of these capabilities, i.e. can I develop a proof of concept mobile app and deploy it to a sandbox so that others I am working with can see how it looks using their mobile device. Thanks in advance for any insight into this.
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I just created a new project using the employee directory sample app. Deployed it as sandbox app and it worked great on my iPhone.

Kudos to the team! This is fun!

As a reply to Mike's question: Yes it works in the sandbox. Just invite the others. I have not tried this yet, but I suppose you could take a picture of the QR code and email it to the other people. They can then scan it from their laptop or PC.

And it so happens that this will be of great use for a new mobile project next week!