Drop down duplicates

Hi, I have a dropdown reference selector showing duplicate items, because the attribute showing in there is not unique. I try to prevent having to make this attribute unique, because I have instance security on the object that is referenced and I don't want a user getting some uniqueness violation error while he cannot see the other data record that causes this violation. As a consequence a user with more 'permissions' can see duplicates and if he (or she) does, I would like to make sure the right one out of the duplicates is selected. I tried creating a calculated column that return the attribute in the dropdown in most cases, but adds a second attribute behind the first one in the case of a duplicate. This works on the overview form of the object, however the dropdown shows on all rows the text 'false' when this calculated column is selected. I have 3 related questions regarding this issue/challenge: 1) Any suggestions on how to solve this issue in a user friendly way? 2) Is my solution bad for performance? 3) Should a issue an enhancement request for this? Kind regards,
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1) Your solution seems fine to me, apart from the fact that the reference selector apparently does not display the values of the calculated attribute correctly.

2) Using a calculated attribute might have a small performance impact, as the entire object is retrieved and passed to the calculation microflow, as opposed to just retrieving a single attribute value from the database for each object in the reference selector. However, if you're not showing too many objects in the reference selector, this should not cause any visible delays.

3) It appears that the reference selector does not handle calculated attributes correctly at this moment (2.4.6). You can file a bug report for this in our partner portal.