Split on enumeration, can you handle multiple values in one outgoing sequence flow

This is my scenario, I have an enumeration with a lot of values (around 40 mimimum) lets say for example values a - z. I have multiple microflows (around 10) divided across multiple modules, every microflow has an exclusive split on this enum value. Each microflow should only handle a few enum values, so microflow 1 should do a - d and microflow 2 e - j etc and the flows should ignore the rest. How can I set up this split action in my microflow so I don't have to draw a line for every enum value in every microflow. If you leave one out, you get a 'Value .... is not handled by any outgoing sequence flow' I'd prefer not to have to convert the enum value to a string and then split on this string.
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you can change the condition of the split from enum-att to '*enum-attr=enum.a or enum-attr=enum.b'*

It is less readable in general but with many enum options it is better.