Average activity in microflow has inconsistent behaviour

Hi, When retrieving a list from database, then immediately averaging this list as the next action in the microflow will cause the result of the calculation to floor (datatype is defined as float/currency) i.e. average of 7,8,5,2 = 5.0 However when retrieving the same list, and performing the average later on in the microflow (causing the list to actually be retrieved and returned in the debugger), the result will be precise. i.e. average of 7, 8, 5, 2 = 5.5 Is this behaviour intended?
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The Mendix microflow engine does some optimizations on sequences of activities such as the one you describe: "retrieve a list" followed directly by a type of aggregate. It's possible that there's a bug here that is causing the difference; if you are sure that the two lists are the same and that the result should be the same I would file a ticket in the support portal. Be sure to include a test project and mention which database you're using.