Advanced Widgets

I guess this is really a question for Mendix, but does anyone know of any plans to extend the custom widget framework? One of the things I'm specifically looking for is the ability to create objects within objects (to use the widget terms here). This would allow for more complex configuration of custom widgets. For example, if you think of a menu, it might have sub-menus, and its sub-menus might have more sub-menus, and so and and so forth. There're lots of widget ideas that I'm sure others like myself have (involving these tree-like structures) which cannot be fully realized because of this limitation. This is the main improvement / most realistic I'd expect to see, but I'm also curious if there is some way via an XSD to define an actual UI structure for the Modeler instead of just a box. Thoughts or suggestions about these from anyone?
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I am working on something like this, but its still a far way off. It will rely on your Mendix app running though and you will edit the widget inside the application or alongside the application. But like I said, its still a long way off and I'm not sure if Mendix is looking at something like that already.