Publishing webservices in compliance with industry standards

We have to publish our webservices according to certain predefined industry standards. Unfortunately Mendix sets its own XML standard for published webservices. The only workaround we found is to develop Java software for this tasks, which of course we would like to prevent. We would the functionality to provide Mendix the WSDL to use, instead of Mendix generating the WSDL. Please vote up if you also need this functionality
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For reference, the official workaround suggested for publishing contract-first web services is as follows:

Depending on your specific circumstances and needs you have a number of options to implement this currently:

  • Create a webservice in Mendix that doesn't serve the exact same WSDL, but will accept the XML messages sent by the client that will call the service.
  • Create a custom request handler in Java to serve the exact WSDL, and another to handle the service calls. This handler can optionally pass the received XML messages to microflows, which can then use regular XML mappings to process data and generate a response.
  • Create the entire webservice using Java webservice libraries.