Refresh a dataview with a custom widget.

I have a page that uses a custom widget to display a scatter plot. The data is retrieved from a microflow. If you click on a point on the plot, it calls another page as a popup page. When updating the data on the popup page and pressing save, we are returned to the original page unchanged. (The data is saved.) I have tried to use a microflow on the save and call the Show Page to re-call the original chart page, but it displays the chart (I put an javascript alert at the very end of the widget javascript code and see the chart displayed on the page) and then wipes it out. Is there a way to update the widget on the page when returning from the popup.
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You have to subscribe to changes on the data, that means that a function of your widget is called when the data is changed. See for example input reference selector. This can either be the placeholder (dataview) or the data displayed in the scatter plot.