Set fields read-only with dummy enumerator

How can I set fields to read-only using a dummy enumerator. I tried to follow the instructions in the question 'Enabledisable-validation-of-a-field-in-a-form', but I am not able to find out how it is done exactly.
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Hi Tijl,

using an Enum attribute* you should use the following steps:

  1. add an enum attribute to your domain object, indicating in which state the form should be
  2. in the form, add the mentioned reference selecter
  3. set the onchange attribute to a microflow, which changes the enum attribute created in step 1. Make sure 'refresh in client' is checked.
  4. in the form, add rows containing the input fields for the different states used in the enum attribute. (so now you might have several input fields for a single attribute).
  5. select a cell of one of the rows > right click > select row, right click again on the row border en select 'set conditinal formating'.
  6. now you can change the visibility of the row based on your enum attribute. Repeat the last 2 steps for every applicable row.

*an enumerator is a slightly different thing