Mendix Reporting

Hi All, After spending the last two days learning about OQL, Inner Join's and Parameters I've got most of the reporting under the belt. I just have 3 issues left and hoping you can help. Blow is the code: from CRM.Opportunity as Opp inner join Opp/CRM.Opportunity_Account/Administration.Account select OpportunityName as Name, SalesStage as Stage, LastUpdated, FullName as Rep, OpportunityTotal as Value, ProbabilityPercentage as Chance The First issue is when I launch the app and go to reports I have the option to select FullName (Rep/Agent) and the SalesStage. The Agent options displays correctly but when I want to choose the SalesStage there like 20 options (one for each opportunity crated. So I'll have for example 15 options for In_Dialogue. It seems it's pulling the option from the actual objects and not the options of the enum) When I select the options and Hit generate reports it generates everything available and ignore the drop downs selections. The report date selector I can specify dates but as with point 2 it ignores the range. If you need additional code or screenshots please let me know. Thank You.
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